Denim Blue with Pink Floral
Blue with Red Pomegranate
Light Blue Bouquet
Teal with Lilac
Peony with White Flowers
White with Pink Flowers
Denim Blue Floral
Pink & Green Floral
Coral & Pink Floral
Grey Blue Bouquet
Light Blue & Magenta
Navy Floral Stripe
Grey Floral
Canary Yellow & Pink
Yellow & Pink Floral
Dark Blue & Berry
Light Green Floral
Light Blue & Pink
Light Blue & Dark Blue
Light Blue Floral
Denim Blue & Pink
Dark Blue & White Floral
Orange & Pink Floral
Dark Blue & Aqua
Pink & Orange Floral
White & Navy Floral
Denim Old Print
Rose Floral
Cobalt Blue Floral
Olive & Pink
Pink Teal & Green Floral
Teal Blue & Red Floral
Bright Pink Floral
Tan & Rust Floral
Black & Tan
Light Green Mini Flowers
Blue with Raspberries
Multi Stripe
Canary Yellow & Pink Floral
Purple Floral
Purple Vines
Pink Mini Flowers
Black Floral
Brown & White Floral
Brown Floral
Light Blue Floral Stripe
Grey Tropical
Pink & White Floral
Blue Vine Stripe
Pink Floral
Navy with White Flowers
Maroon & Cream
Teal with Floral Stripe
Light Green Vines
Green Bouquet
Turquoise with Small Flowers
Navy Blue Block
Blue & White Stripe
Denim Blue Floral
Green & Blue Flowers
Denim Blue with Pink Floral
Pink Floral

Berner & Co.

Block Print Waste Basket


The wastebasket. What once was an afterthought is now a leading lady. We never thought we'd have so much fun with waste containers until we laid eyes on these block-printed beauties from India. Liven up your office or powder room or choose one of the sweet patterns for a nursery.
• 12"H x 8"W
• Made in India
• Ships Flat
• To assemble, gently push down the bottom flap until it sits on the stoppers

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