Denim Blue Floral
Blue with Red Pomegranate
Light Blue Bouquet
Teal with Lilac
Peony with White Flowers
White with Pink Flowers
Dark Green Vines
Grey Floral
Turquoise with Red Berries
Navy Flowers
Aqua with Blue Flowers
Cerulean Floral
Navy & Light Blue Floral
Pink & Green Floral
Coral & Pink Floral
Grey Blue Bouquet
Pink Stripe
Light Blue & Magenta
Navy Floral Stripe
Grey Floral
Canary Yellow & Pink
Yellow & Pink Floral
Pink Floral
Dark Blue & Berry
Light Green Floral
Light Blue & Pink
Light Blue & Dark Blue
Light Blue Floral
Pink Yellow & Blue
Denim Blue & Pink
Dark Blue & White Floral
Orange & Pink Floral
Dark Blue & Aqua
Pink & Orange Floral
White & Navy Floral
Denim Old Print
Rose Floral
Cobalt Blue Floral
Black & Tan
Olive & Pink
Green Ticking Stripe
Pink Teal & Green Floral
Teal Blue & Red Floral
Bright Pink Floral
Tan & Rust Floral
Black & Tan
Light Green Mini Flowers
Blue with Raspberries
Multi Stripe
Canary Yellow & Pink Floral
Purple Floral
Purple Vines
Pink Mini Flowers
Black Floral
Brown & White Floral
Brown Floral
Light Blue Floral Stripe
Grey Tropical
Blue Tropical
Pink & White Floral
Block Print Waste Basket
Brown Floral
Block Print Waste Basket

Berner & Co.

Block Print Waste Basket


The wastebasket. What once was an afterthought is now a leading lady. We never thought we'd have so much fun with waste containers until we laid eyes on these block-printed beauties from India. Liven up your office or powder room or choose one of the sweet patterns for a nursery.
• 12"H x 8"W • Made in India • Ships Flat • To assemble, simply push down the bottom flap

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